Astro-Diary August 2nd

Sun in Leo

Moon in Aries

Moon square Pluto

Moon trine Mercury

Blessed Be and Happy Lammas!

Today is about honoring where you are and being present wherever you find yourself.

We’ve been through so much this year already; processed so deeply, purged so ruthlessly, and released what we never thought we would. And now the Universe is asking us to PAUSE and Practice Being. Consider this a ‘rest’ day.

Who we are being in any given moment is what is shaping our reality. The fiery combination of the Leo Sun and the Aries Moon is a perfect stage for us to Courageously and Boldly try out our New Earth Beingness.

This is no dress rehearsal though. Today Trust Yourself, Speak your Truth, Be unapologetically You. This is our NEW NORMAL. The way we’ve always done things is no more. Ally with this Aries Moon to re-introduce yourself to the world: imperfectly perfect, and ready to create your life on your terms. This is responsibility at the level of individual. Too long we’ve waited for someone or something else to create our reality for us; all the while disconnected from the Truth that WE ARE the creators of our reality.

Today is your day to shine in only the way you can.

Shine On!