Astro-Diary August 29th

Sun in Virgo

Moon in Aries

Mercury quincux Pluto

Moon square Pluto

Moon trine Mercury

This Aries Moon is trine Mercury in Leo, a favorable aspect that lends an air of luck and good fortune to the day. When the ambitious Aries Moon plays well with the Ruler of thought, communication and travel , we have an alignment that supports us acting on what we say we want. Thanks to the Virgo Sun- we are left feeling like we’re actually accomplishiing something now, or at least taking targeted actions towards doing so.

While the Aries Moon and Mercury are playing well together: Pluto Rx in Capricorn and the Moon are in a challenging square. This mission of this Moon is to launch us into commited action after several months of feeling held back by Mars Rx. Mercury is quincux Pluto, backing Aries’ play and asking us to bring our awareness to our speaking and thinking and actions: and whether or not there is alignment between the three. This is us Living our Truth in real time.

We are being asked to apply all that we’ve learned and integrated so far. This is not a day for deep though or mind blowing revelations. Rather the mood today is determined, sure and methodical. We are being set up to reap the beneficent blessings of the Grand Earth Trine in the sky above while we balance our Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine within ourselves below.

We are embodying our New Earth Selves. Allow yourself to continue to shift your outer environments to align with the New Earth You that is emerging.