Astro-Diary August 28th

Sun in Virgo

Moon in Aries

Moon sextile Mars

Moon square Saturn

Today the Moon moves into fiery Aries and sextiles Mars in Capricorn, the ideal follow-up to Mars moving direct yesterday.

The mood today is direct and impatient. We are like little wildfires- our tempers and enthusiasm ready to go off at any minute- burning hot and quick before flashing out.

Square Saturn Rx in Capricorn, this feisty Moon compels us to take action- any action. We are more concerned with being in motion than strategizing the outcome of our efforts. Good thing we are currently processing and integrating the lesson of Mars Rx, making whatever actions we do take far more likely to be effective and impactful.

Bottom Line: Today is all about expressing Personal Power. Allow yourself to do what is in your Power to do; and to recognize what is not.

Trust that every moment that has preceded this one has perfectly prepared you for the task that is at hand.

You are Ready

You Got This