Astro-Diary August 27th

Sun in Virgo

Moon in Pisces

Moon conjunct Neptune

Mars Direct

Moon trine Jupiter

Moon sextile Pluto

Mercury square Jupiter

First of all- let’s dive into the biggie of the day- Mars moving direct in the sign of Capricorn today.

You remember Mars don’t you? Perhaps not with the recent eclipse/retrograde playground we’ve been on. Mars is our sense of motivation and drive. Our ‘get up and go’ if you will. It is the capacity to take action and do, and it greatly impacts our moods and temperament. Mars moves Rx about every 2 years, so; and after spending the past several months in Rx motion, Mars will not move Rx again until September 2020.

When planets are retrograde (Rx), we internalize it’s energy rather than experiencing external influence from its aspects. Almost like the planet is working inside of us at our deepest levels. This is why Rx periods are ideal for review and reflection rather than spontaneous action. In this way, the Universe supports us in dissolving old habits, traditions and karma. As long as we learn the lessons the Rx planet is seeking to teach us! When a planet is Rx, we may not always be conscious of the lesions, but as the planet moves direct, its energies rise to the surface of our consciousness and we see more clearly the insights and messages that have brewing deep inside.

Because Mars is all about taking action, we can trust that the lesson we’ve internalized will support some much needed progress in our lives- both individually and collectively. After months of being held back (much like an arrow in a bow), we are finally going to feel powerful and ready to take the actions we’ve been wanting to take. For those of us who have been challenged to get a new project or business started, or have life events that came our way in June and are still lingering, we may find that Mars direct offers us the final push we need to make the shift.

The organized and task-oriented Virgo Sun and the boundary-less Pisces Moon are playing very well together. Conjunct Neptune Rx in Pisces, trine Jupiter in Scorpio and sextile Pluto Rx in Capricorn, the Moon in Pisces creates a safe space for us to heal and integrate the lessons of Mars Rx. We can now distinguish fact from fiction, fantasy from reality and truth from illusion. We see how our fear of losing control has kept us and our growth subverted. We understand no that the truest measure of success is our capacity to be responsible as an individual and that our success hinges upon our willingness to grow internally first before we can be conscious of our greatness externally.

Mercury square Jupiter making today all about action rather than our thoughts and talk about action.

We are inspired

And reminded that

We can either have results, or reasons why not- but never both at the same time.


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