Astro-Diary August 26th

Sun in Virgo

Full Moon in Pisces

Moon sextile Uranus

Moon sextile Saturn

Sun oppose Moon

Venus square Pluto

Mercury quincux Neptune

Virgo’s mission this year is to resolve karma and outdated relationship dynamics.

The Powerful Water trines involving Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron this Virgo season, stir deep psychic waters bringing us opportunities for healing and transition. We are asked to consider the purity of energy we allow into our physical and psychic space via partnerships. Do they align with the work we came to do?

Sextile Uranus Rx in Taurus and Saturn Rx in Capricorn, today’s Full Moon empowers us to recognize the value and worth of our being vs our doing. The Virgo Sun opposes the Pluto Moon setting the stage for us to ground our emotional experiences into physical reality. Exactly what we need as Venus in Libra squares Pluto Rx in Capricorn. We can see clearly now how misaligned partnerships have kept us stuck in the shadows.

Meanwhile Merucry in Leo is quincux Neptune Rx in Pisces- imbuing the day with the power to speak truth in the face of illusion and to create powerfully using our imaginations.

We are all psychic now, and feeling our way into our greatest emergence: like an acorn that recognizes its Truth as an Oak Tree- so to are we recognizing our Truth as Gods and Goddesses.