Astro-Diary August 22nd

Sun In Virgo

Moon in Capricorn

Moon square Venus

Moon sextile Neptune

Moon sextile Jupiter

Moon conjunct Pluto

Venus quincux Neptune

Welcome to Virgo Season!

The Sun moves into analytical and organized Virgo tonight, sending us into a flurry of worry and expectations. With the Moon in ambitious fellow earth sign Capricorn, we are compelled to get SOMETHING done today. Mostly however we will be occupied with bringing order out of seeming chaos this Virgo season.

Under the rays of the Virgo sun, we are urged to harness our minds, focus on our work, learn and heal. This is Goddess territory. The Virgo mood is nervous, intelligent and mercurial-leaving us multi-tasking under this mutable earthbound sign. Our challenge will be to bring all of our recent cosmic lessons to bear in our physical forms through our heart chakras with confidence and disciplined focus this season.

The Sun and Moon get down to work today really pushing us to complete the task at hand. Square Venus in Libra our focus is not so much on our appearance and our experience, rather we are into learning and healing ourselves at the moment. Venus herself is quincux Neptune Rx in Pisces- giving us a dose of reality when it comes to our relationships- what works, what doesn’t and any leftover heartache and heartbreak there is for us to account for.

Sextile both Neptune Rx in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio, and conjunct Pluto Rx in Capricorn, the Moon is diligently revealing even greater depths of truth for us. We can see more clearly into other dimensions; the cause and effect of the patterns and habits of our many lifetimes on our present NOW.

There is no turning back. We are collectively onboard the launch pad of a brave new world.

The only way out is in.

Don’t resist your resistance.