Astro-Diary August 21st

Sun in Leo

Moon in Capricorn

Sun quincux Mars

Moon trine Uranus

Moon conjunct Saturn

Hey Hey Hey Leo season is at an end- and what a power packed season it has been!

We finish strong with the Moon in Capricorn, working hard to make sure we’ve gotten the lessons that have been pretty much bombarding our thoughts and emotions recently.

The Leo Sun is quincux Mars Rx in Capricorn leaving us feeling a bit emotional about what we have and haven’t accomplished so far. The whole point of a Rx period however is to review- not to do. But tha tis where the greatest shift is still yet to occur for humanity…

Trine Uranus Rx in Taurus, the Capricorn Moon is ruthlessly shining down on where we still haven’t reclaimed our power, value, and worth. See we keep looking for external validation of our worth, and must discover that external validation is futile.

The Capricorn Moon is also conjunct Saturn Rx in Capricorn so expect this lesson of accepting our self worth=living with purpose & authenticity to be greatly expanded as we move into Virgo season.

The Universe has put it’s foot down and it’s time to fish or cut bait. It’s time for us to admit our greatness, embrac e our power, and shine so bright that anything that is not in alignment with our souls highest purpose is dissolved in our purity.

Mask Off

Crown On