Astro-Diary August 20th

Sun in Leo

Moon in Capricorn (9pm PDT)

Sun trine Moon

Newsflash: Major Geo-Magnetic storm interrupts normal routine for next 48 hours. Also produces the brilliant Aurora Borealis…

Also the Moon moves into driven Capricorn tonight.

The Leo Sun/Capricorn Moon combination is a POWERHOUSE. This is Boss territory and the Sun is showing what it an do with a massive solar flare that will last 2 days. This energy blast will jar us awake to the opportunity to become the Boss in our own lives.

Geo-Magnetic Astro-Advice:

Lie Low

Mind Your Own

Play Your Position

Geo-magnetic storms impact everything from power grids to animal behavior (that includes you human). Please stay aware and be easy with all of life as we purge collectively on a very deep level. Give yourself and others the space to absorb and integrate this latest flux of energy. Many of us will experience physical symptoms similar to having a cold or flu as our bodies purge. Listen to your body, rest when needed, avoid excessive alcohol and sugar, increase your hydration levels and fresh fruit and veggie intake. Sea Salt baths are a must for this surge. Don’t try to tough this one out- take a knee as soon as you feel lightheaded. Anticipate all of the symptoms of a purge including increased urination and waste activities.

When you remember to- thank the Universe and all of our galactic family for assisting us through what will be known as a historical time in the history of our species. Express gratitude for the chain of cosmic events like this solar flare, the past eclipses etc…, that have served to accelerate our collective awakening.

Know that you are Loved