Astro-Diary August 1st

Sun in Leo

Moon in Aries

Moon sextile Mars

Moon square Saturn

Mars square Uranus

Sun trine Moon

Spirits are high today thanks to the creative Leo sun trine the enthusiastic and plucky Aries Moon. The mood today alternates between energized and lazy with hints of impatience sprinkled thought-out. This is a day for moving your body and making something-anything happen.

Sextile Mars Rx in Aquarius, this Moon may have you motivated to make something happen in the way you produce results . Meanwhile Mars is square Uranus in Taurus giving us a definite push to let go of the way things have always been done.

This seems to be one of the major themes of this #retrogradeseason: ‘look at how you’ve been doing life and the results you’ve produced including your experience of yourself…’

Thanks to all of this cosmic support; we can finally see clearly what hasn’t worked so far, and we have some idea of what and/or how to take actions that are truly aligned with our goals-as individuals and as a collective.

Speaking of accomplishing our goals and fulfilling our Purpose, Saturn squares this Aries Moon; ready to bring discipline and order to the sometimes unruly pairing of Aries and Leo. No worries today though, the only this fiery combo is looking to burn up are our toxic relationships to ourselves and each other. After all we are being even more consumed with the Light from the Great Central Sun as the Lion’s Gate continues to open. By now most of us have experienced the physical symptoms of this cosmic purification period and now our physical bodies are growing more accustomed to these sustained levels of higher frequencies.

Tomorrow some of us will celebrate Lammas, and some of us celebrated Lunar Lammas with the Full Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse last Friday. Regardless, this is a time of celebration, joy and gratitude for what we have already gained this year, as well as for what we will accomplish by years end.

Celebrate Your Journey