Astro-Diary August 19th

Sun in Leo

Moon in Sagittarius

Jupiter trine Neptune

Moon trine Mercury

Moon sextile Venus

Moon square Neptune

Where to start? Oh yeah there is a massive solar flare causing a major geo-magnetic storm starting tomorrow and lasting for about 48 hours. What does this mean for you? Any low vibe stuff in your cellular memory is about to get purged. Good news considering that we’ve downloaded, integrated and shifted so much recently. A nice system de-frag and reboot will be most welcome!

The Leo Sun and Sagittarius Moon are tag teaming and inflaming our sense of curiosity and adventure. We find ourselves up for new experience and ready to boldly go where we haven’t dare to go before. We are more present than ever before to the reality around us and that we are the genius architects of that reality. Don’t be surprised if today doesn’t go as planned, recognize and trust yourself as the creator of your life and choose to be wherever you are today.

The Moon trines Mercury; stationed direct in Leo, and bestows the blessing of the freedom to communicate authentically. Venus in Libra is sextile the Moon leaving us wanting love for the sake of love and not to placate our fears.

Jupiter in Scorpio trines Neptune Rx in Pisces taking us even deeper into unlocking the truths behind what has been blocking our progress on our path. And at the same time, Neptune squares the Moon giving us an honest look into the illusions in which we have been stymied.

Yes this is a perfect time for a cellular detox. This solar flare eruption will not only support us by purging life on earth on a cellular level, but also by activating dormant information in our DNA/RNA structures. Think releasing karmic and ancestral stories and reclaiming your Divine Power.

Accept What Was

Embrace What Is

Create What Will Be