Astro- Diary August 17th

Sun in Leo

Moon in Scorpio

Moon conjunct Jupiter

Moon trine Neptune

Moon sextile Pluto

By now we’ve all felt the recent energy shifts move through every part of our being. We are rewriting the future of the human species and at the same time rewriting history. As we embrace change which is inevitable, it is time for us to to turn our attention to exploring the latest upgrades we’ve integrated. Everyone has received an upgrade of some kind. Our task is to explore our individual selves and discover how the ‘new ‘ version of ourselves benefits the collective as a whole.

Conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio- the Scorpio Moon intensely sheds her illuminating rays on how to work with our New Earth tools, which rely on our hearts & intuition for fuel, and not our heads. Trine Neptune Rx in Pisces, and sextile Pluto Rx in Capricorn, today opens up an opportunity to integrate our spiritual lessons into our physical lives with grace and ease.

Let’s keep our eyes open today shall we? Ready to receive the wisdom from our cosmic family that is streaming in to support us on every level.

Remember where you came from…