Astro-Diary August 16th

Sun In Leo

Moon in Scorpio

Moon square Mars

Moon oppose Uranus

Moon sextile Saturn

Moon square Mercury

Tread lightly today. The moon shifts into Scorpio in the early morning hours, leaving many of us struggling to get up and get going today.

This Scorpio Moon feels like a steel spring trap ready to go off at any minute. Square Mars Rx in Capricorn and Mercury Rx in Leo, the vibe today is introspective and analytical. Uranus Rx in Taurus opposes the tension of the squares, and Saturn Rx in Capricorn lends a hand by showing us just how close we are to our dreams if we don’t give up now.

Perserverance is the word.

This is a heady meeting of the cosmic minds today and us earthlings may feel frustrated and even lethargic. Getting outside is the best way to flow today. If you can’t get outside, then use your breathwork to support your clarity and balance. Stay hydrated.

Color feels: Green

Crystal mood: Aventurine, Apatite, Celestite