Astro-Diary August 14th

Sun in Leo

Moon in Libra

Moon square Saturn

Moon conjunct Venus

Moon sextile Mercury

The Moonin airy Libra is fanning the flames of the fiesty and fiery Leo Sun.

Today carries the energy of a lively gathering of Venus in Libra, conjunct and Mercury Rx in Leo sextile this flirty Libran Moon.

This is goddess energy. The idea today is to harmonize and connect; both with yourself and all living creatures in a heart-centered way.

Listen to others with clarity and the intention of hearing truth so that when you speak- it is truth that flows from you own mouth.

Square Saturn Rx in Capricorn- this is not a day for checking boxes off of your list – rather it is an ideal time to Be Who You Are in your relationships: authentically lovingly present.

After all when we are present with another- we love that other as ourself.