Astro-Diary August 13th

Sun in Leo

Moon in Libra (9:57pm)

Moon trine Pluto

Moon trine Mars

The Moon moves into relationship focused Libra this evening.

Trine Mars Rx in Aquarius and Pluto Rx in Capricorn, today is a great day to allow yourself to see clearly how you operate in your relationships (including the one with yourself).

With this clarity comes the urge from Mars to ‘do something’, but as Mars is still Rx, the usual agression associated with Mars is directed inwards on you as an individual. Be careful with yourself today.

You are revamping your entire system now. Including what you believe is trur about yourself in relationship to others and the world.

Allow your thoughts and activities to flow today. The recent energies you’ve integrated are seeking balance now. Particularly in the realm of masculine and feminine polarities.

This is an opportunity to take stock of your relationships and determine with ruthless authenticity wherever there is an energetic imbalance in any of them. Allow yourself to own your part of the imbalance and bring harmony to this area of your life again.