Astro-Diary August 12th

Sun in Leo

Moon in Virgo

Moon trine Venus

Moon trine Saturn

Moon sextile Jupiter

Moon oppose Neptune

Mars ß Capricorn

Wow what a day! First off Mars continues its retrograde path and enters the Cardinal Earth sign of Capricorn today. This transit sends us back karmic work with our family, our traditions, and rituals as well as asks us to reassess our methods and motives we choose to achieve our goals.

This sense of a ‘consolidated review’ will be greatly aided by the Moon in the intelligent , perceptive and mutable sign of Virgo. Trine Uranus Rx in stubborn and Fixed Taurus; as well as Saturn Rx in ambitious Capricorn, the Virgo Moon shines down her infinite wisdom on our relationships- all of them.

Jupiter In Scorpio is sextile this goddess moon- prompting us to create relationships that nurture our purpose and provide fodder for our growth. Likewise the drive to shed relationships that constrain us- taking more from us than they give-is bolstered by Neptune Rx in Pisces opposing this Virgo Moon.

We’re finally integrating the lesson from last month when Venus was in Virgo herself. We can now begin to see clearly our responsibility in the whole charade of relationships in our lives; including our relationship with ourselves.

Use today to center and ground in the new reality of you. Acknowledge and lovingly accept all of your life as your creation and choose to experience your life from the highest vibrating of all of your creations.

Let Go and Flow today- with so many Earth signs transiting today, we can settle into our New Earth timelines with grace and ease.

Trust Yourself …

Welcome to reality, where you are the creator of your destiny, the captain of your ship and the champion of your own dreams.