Astro-Diary August 11th

Sun in Leo

New Moon in Leo/ Moon àVirgo

Sun conjunct Moon

Sun quincux Pluto

Eclipse Day. And what a doozy it is. The partial solar eclipse in Leo happens at 5:46am EDT (and will be visible from S. America, Africa, Europe, Asia & Australia), with the New Moon in Leo following at 5:58 am EDT.

The Sun and Moon conjunct in Leo provide a smashing background for today’s Transformation that’s sure to be anything but boring thanks to the Sun’s quincux aspect to Pluto in Capricorn.

Exposed for who we really are; today is like D Day for our souls. We’ve been riding the cosmic waves of change all year. The complex energy of today isn’t unfamiliar- we’ve just never felt it this intensely before.

Welcome to our New Normal!

Like a pack; just like the herd species we are, we’ve all felt this SHIFT coming for a long time. We’ve felt the stirring of what will be rapid and epic change in the world. And some of us have even felt like we have a major role to play in what is to unfold.

That Time Is Now

From a vision, to a window and now a door; we are being invited into the next chapter of our existence. We are being asked to join in a Greater Reality that awaits us.

Many of us will indeed step into new timelines today. Others of us will be able to see patterns of behavior that have kept us stuck for years- for the first time.

The SHIFT has already happened and today is the final setting of its sweeping transformation. And yet this day will not be fully understood for some time yet to come.

For eons, beings and peoples from other realms, other worlds have lived amongst humanity on the planet called Earth. Adapting to human nature and culture, these inter-dimensional and extraterrestrial beings have influenced human existence just being themselves: uniquely non-human in a world of normal and numb.

Now the frequencies of the planet vibrate high enough to match a (kind of )key that unlocks the veil between humans and beings from other galaxies and dimensions. Those who already live among us may begin to gradually shift into their natural form. Beings arriving from neighboring realms will be able to ‘Be’ here with more ease.

Be prepared to shift yourself – if you haven’t already.

Oh! And remember; Fear Contracts, and Love Expands- Only Love is Real.

Love Yourself