Astro-Diary August 10th

Sun in Leo

Moon in Leo

Moon square Uranus

Moon sextile Venus

Moon PrG

Moon square Jupiter

Moon conjunct Mercury

Mercury square Jupiter

The Sun and Moon have joined in celebration in the sign of Leo, prepping the stage for tomorrow’s eclipse.

Square Uranus Rx in Taurus, the Leo Moon engages us in the age old query of choosing comfort over what gives our soul wings. You see this eclipse tomorrow is the last of a year of 5 eclipses, and heralds the close of the Lion’s Gate Portal. Serving as a culmination point of all the cosmic energies so far and giving us a wide open door to transfigure who know ourselves to be .

Venus on her throne in Libra is sextile this Leo Moon, granting us a sense of balance- one that indicates what will be possible when we follow our hearts and not our fears.

Jupiter in Scorpio is also square the Moon in Leo- this is no dress rehearsal, it’s a real live chance to show what we’ve learned and integrated so far. Its all about Being Seen this weekend- no more hiding who we are.

And just to get the message clear; Mercury Rx in Leo squares Jupiter and conjuncts the Moon, turning our thoughts towards the truth that is in our hearts- the truth of our most authentic selves.

The Moon Is Perigee now, so close to Earth that it’s rays of light will hit us extra deep…

You may feel a bit lazy today- go with it. I’m being shown that we are collectively choosing our hearts over our heads right now. Imagine that we’ve been under a spell this whole time, turned into a twisted version of who we are. Tomorrow’s eclipse is our chance to break the spell for good and be seen as we really are.

Get Ready to Shine!