Sun in Virgo

Moon Aquarius

Sun quincux Chiron

Moon oppose Mercury

Moon square Jupiter

Moon trine Venus

We are gracefully sliding into Sunday’s Full Moon in Pisces

The Waterbearer Aquarius has a funny way of guiding us from the earth to the water realms and so towards to completion of yet another cycle.

The Sun in Virgo is quincux Chiron Rx in Aries giving us an opportunity to bring a sense of clarity of purpose as we continue to re-appraise old hurts connected with our sense of self.

The Aquarian Moon opposes Mercury in Leo as It sextiles Jupiter in Scorpio and trines Venus in Libra. We are being set up to complete our past based paradigms in relationships. Any relationship that has hampered, dampened, restrained, constrained, stagnated and suppressed us is ready to be released and this of course absolutely includes our relationships with ourselves.

It’s time to live free

Are you ready?