Spiritual Properties of Herbs: Fennel

Fennel is a wildflower that grows in the Mediterranean region. Commonly used in food, Fennel is an aromatic, carminative and diuretic. It’s primary spiritual property is that it allows a greater sense of grounding. Fennel supports the ability of the heart to open in a very grounded way. This is crucial healing support for when we need to feel connected to the Earth. As we connect to the Earth, we inevitably move through a phase of recognizing and finally accepting the suffering on Earth as a part of why we are here. If we don’t ulitmately accept and work with the suffering on Earth; we disconnect ourselves from the energy of the Earth. Then we focus on our physical body complaints rather than the spiritual understanding that all beings deserve Love. Fennel helps the release of blockages between the healer and the person being healed. And thanks to Fennels unique signature; the energy released does not enter the Earth, rather the energy simply passes through your body as neutral Earth energy. The first, second and third chakras as well as all of the major organs in the abdominal region are stimulated. The etheric body is also strenghthed. Test Point: Soles of Feet