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Not for Everyone.
Just those in need of a total wellness reset when all else has failed. 

90 Days to Wellness was intentionally created and designed to support and empower people who have received a severe to terminal medical diagnosis. Over the course of 90 days you will work  to transform not just your health, but your entire life.


Ambitious for 90 days?  Absolutely! Possible?  Absolutely!  How?  Read on to find out.



First, let’s be clear; this program is not a magic bullet. The results you achieve will be directly correlated to your willingness to commit to taking action to transform your health and experience of being well.

What makes this program different from traditional health programs is the holistic approach to your health and overall wellness. Your wellness profile is characterized by four distinct bodies that make up your Being in your entirety. These four bodies are; the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body, and the spiritual body.


The work we do in this program will assess and address your health levels in all four bodies of your Being, and provide you with the tools needed to sustain your experience of health and vitality throughout your Being after the program is over. This holistic transformation is how we can guarantee results that last. 

As you may have expected, we will absolutely address your diet and food intake. Food is medicine, and likewise some of the best medicine can be found in food. To this end we will have weekly refrigerator reviews where you will have an opportunity to transform your health by transforming the food that you put into your body.


As a part of this transformation you will receive a curated collection of organic health supplements from Maze Apothecary including; Herbal Tea, Herbal Bath Salts (detox), Medicinal Mushroom Tincture, and the Live Long and Prosper essential oil blend perfect for boosting your body’s natural immune system response. 

Targeted and Customized Holistic Support from Industry Experts.

Elodie Nature Therapy

Dina Smirnova

Raw Naturalellie

Brandi Mazesticeon 

Maze Apothecary Wellness Toolbox

Medicinal Mushroom Tincture
Soothing Detox Bath Salts
Apothecary Masterblend
Apothecary Herbal Tea
The Wellness Toolbox is curated to feature our bestsellers, new arrivals and an indulgent experience of the
Maze Apothecary
Wellbeing Collection.
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SEPT. 1st!

90 Days to Wellness is a MASSIVE upgrade to your wellness and self-care regime. 

& literally the
Best Investment
You'll make this year.

You Deserve Vibrant Health!